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Massey Ferguson: Tractors, Combines, Balers, Loaders & Telehandlers

MF Tractors

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Massey Ferguson 8690  

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Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd. are main agents for Massey Ferguson tractors for all agricultural, municipal, horticultural and industrial applications throughout the East Midlands. Massey Ferguson have a model of tractor to suit every need with a wide range of models and specification options.

Click on the icons below to download the latest Massey Ferguson brochures. With industry leading 'Manager' warranty and service packages, Massey Ferguson has a fixed price solution to your tractor requirements.

Download the Massey Ferguson Tractor Brochures


Massey Ferguson 8600 high hp Brochure Massey Ferguson 8600 cab comfort brochure Massey Ferguson 7600 Series Full Brochure, Dyna-6 or Dyna-VT transmission with Essential, Efficient or Exclusive Specification Massey Ferguson 6400 and 7400 medium hp tractors Massey Ferguson 6400 and Massey Ferugson 7400 high hp brochure
MF8600 High hp brochure MF8600 Cab Comfort MF7600 Dyna-6 & Dyna-VT MF6400 & 7400 medium hp MF6400 & 7400 high hp
Massey Ferguson 6400 and Massey Ferguson 7400 panoramic cab brochure Massey Ferguson AGCO SISU Power Brochure Click here to download the Massey Ferguson 6600 series tractor brochure pdf Click here to download the MF5600 series tractor brochure Massey Ferguson 5400 Series Full Range Hp brochure

MF6400/7400 panoramic

MF AGCO SISU Power MF6600 tractor brochure MF5600 tractor brochure MF5400 full range brochure
Massey Ferguson 5400 cab suspension brochure Massey Ferguson 4400 tractor brochure Massey Ferguson 3600 tractor brochure Massey Ferguson 3600 series Amenity and Fruit Tractors Brochure Download the pdf here  

MF5400 cab suspension

MF4400 tractor brochure MF3600 tractor brochure MF3600 amenity & fruit tractor brochure  

The current range of Massey Ferguson tractors starts with the MF3600 series of compact agricultural tractors from 69hp to 100hp. The MF3600 range is also available in specialist narrow and low versions for fruit and vineyard applications. The Massey Ferguson MF4400 series ranges from 74hp to 101hp in a medium size chassis tractor. The high quality, but simple to operate MF5400 series of Massey Ferguson tractors ranges from 82hp to 145hp in both 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder versions, all with the excellent Dyna-4 semi-powershift transmission, and now there is the option to have cab suspension throughout the range.

For the highest specification range of conventional transmission tractors there is the Massey Ferguson 6400 series, from 100hp to 230hp, again with 4 and 6 cylinder options. Available in either 40kph and 50kph, with options of industry leading Quadlink front axle suspension and dual-stage pneumatic cab suspension. All Massey Ferguson 6400 series tractors have the fuel efficient Massey Ferguson Dyna-6 semi-powershift transmission, in either standard Speedmatching, or sophisticated Autodrive controls, that provide clutch-less gear shifts from 0 to 50kph.

Watch a Massey Ferguson Tractor being built at the Beauvais Factory in France

Watch a Massey Ferguson tractor being built at the Beauvais Factory in northern France, in this amazing timelapse photography video. At the Massey Ferguson factory over 100 tractors are produced everyday along the modern moving production and assembly line, where all the parts come together almost as fast as in this video !

Applications that require a constantly variable transmission are ideally suited to the Massey Ferguson 7400 series with the Dyna-VT vario transmission. The Massey Ferguson 7400 series ranges from 135hp to 240hp, now with DTM (Dynamic Tractor Management), that maximizes tractor efficiency by constantly monitoring engine and transmission ratios to achieve the optimum match for the given task. The range topping Massey Ferguson 8600 series also benefits from the Dyna-VT transmission, from 270hp to a massive 370hp, along with the ground breaking AdBlue SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) engine technology. Providing massive power, with the minimum of fuel consumption.

Watch the video to see how the Dyna-VT transmission works

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MF Combines

Massey Ferguson Combine    

Massey Ferguson produce a wide range of reliable and cost effective combine models to suit all farm sizes, specifically designed to suit UK conditions. From the compact and simple to operate and maintain Massey Ferguson Activa range of combines, through the higher specification Massey Ferguson Beta range of straw walker combines, to the range topping Massey Ferguson Centora range of straw walker conventional combines. For the largest professional farmers the brand new range of hybrid Massey Ferguson Delta combines, provides the output required for the largest acreage.

All Massey Ferguson combines benefit from being built on a tough durable chassis, with the industry leading Powerflow Autolevel tables. For optimum threshing and separation even in hilly conditions, Massey Ferguson combines can be supplied as full Autolevel machines across the model ranges.

Download the Massey Ferguson combine brochures

Massey Ferguson 7200 Activa Combine Brochure Massey Ferguson 7200 Beta Combine Brochure Massey Ferguson 7200 Centora Combine Brochure Massey Ferguson  9280 Delta Combine Brochure AGCO SISU Power  - The Power Behind Your Massey Ferguson
MF7200 Activa combine MF7200 Beta combine MF7200 Centora combine MF 9280 Delta combine AGCO SISU Power

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MF Balers

Massey Ferguson 2100 Baler    


The industry leading range of Massey Ferguson (Heston) big square balers are produced in North America to the highest quality. Models of Massey Ferguson balers are available to produce all the common big square bale sizes. The MF2150 produces an 80cm x 88cm bale, the MF2160 makes a 120 x 70cm bale, the MF2170 a 120cm x 87.5cm, with the largest big square baler the MF2190 producing a 128 x 120cm bale. All balers share the common feature of the a pre-pack chamber, allowing a consistent size and shape bale even in the most demanding of straw conditions.

Recently launched is the brand new MF2170XD, for an ultra high density bale with a size of 120cm x 87.5cm providing the ultimate bale for storage, stacking and transportation. Packing between 15-20% more material into a bale that the standard model MF2170 big square baler, the MF2170XD is suitable for a range of crops including hay, haylage, straw and oil seed rape straw. Find out more information on the MF2170 XD baler by visiting the Massey Ferguson website.

For those requiring a small conventional baler, nothing could be simpler than the Massey Ferguson 1800 range of balers, that share a common style with their larger brothers the MF2100 series. Following directly in-line with the tractor, road transport and opening out are a simple as with a large square baler. To complete the baler range are the Massey Ferguson 160V range of variable chamber round balers.

Download the Massey Ferguson Baler Brochures

Massey Ferguson 1800 conventional baler brochure Massey Ferguson 2100 Big Square Baler Brochure Massey Ferguson Variable Chamber 160V baler brochure
MF1800 small square baler MF2100 large square baler MF160V round baler

Balers Choice Bale perservative for hay and straw - extend the operating times for your Massey Ferguson or other make of Big Square baler using the Balers Choice Bale Preservative

To extend the length of use for your Massey Ferguson Big Square Baler during the day, have you considered using the 'Balers Choice' bale preservative ? Chandlers are stocking dealers for the Balers Choice additive, from the Profitable Farming Company, a well proven preservative added at the point of baling. To extend the useful working day of your big square baler, and still be able to store high quality hay and straw, even when the moisture content is not optimal and would otherwise result in spoilage, add Balers Choice bale additive at the correct dosing using a purpose built HayBossapplicator available through AGCO Massey Ferguson.

Download the Balers choice preservative Material Safety DataSheet

View a Balers Choice sample job report of a days baling using a MF187 baler fitted with a moisture meter and Balers Choice applicator. Being used to treat the crop as and when required, resulting in a quality product that stores well and doesn't suffer from spoiling.

Balers Choice HayBoss Applicator from AGCOparts    
Balers Choice HayBoss Applicator    


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MF Loaders

Massey Ferguson 900 front end tractor loader    

Massey Ferguson front end tractor loaders (produced by market leaders Alo-Quickie) are available in either parallel or non-parallel lift format. The Massey Ferguson 900 series range of loaders have 12 models to suit tractors from 50hp to a massive 300hp. All are designed as an integrated part of the Massey Ferguson tractor, with new tractors supplied factory fitted with loader brackets and controls. Features include softride boom suspension, 3rd and 4th services, Quicklock loader beam attachment. The Massey Ferguson loaders are available with a range of controls, from simple cable control, through independent electronic control, up to the range topping SMS controls, utilising the Massey Ferguson tractors SMS (Spool Management System) electronic spool armrest joystick.

Download the Massey Ferguson 900 loader and attachments brochures

Massey Ferguson 900  front end tractor loader Massey Ferguson 900 front end tractor loader attachements brochure
MF900 Loader brochure MF900 Loader attachments

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MF Telescopic Handlers

Massey Ferguson 8900 Xtra Telescopic Handler    


The Massey Ferguson 8900 Xtra range of Telescopic materials handlers all utilise the excellent Massey Ferguson CVT transmission. With models from 5.6m to 10.2m lift, and 2.5 to 3.5 tonnes, there is a model of Massey Ferguson telehander to suit the task.

Download the Massey Ferguson 8900 telehandler brochure

Massey Ferguson 8900 Xtra Telescopic Handler Brochure
MF8900 Xtra Telehandlers


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