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Air Filter Blaster

The best way to keep the optimum performance and fuel economy of your diesel engine is regular cleaning of the air filters.

Blocked air filters significantly reduce engine performance and increase fuel consumption. Modern diesel engines with very high pressure fuel injection and fine tolerances, require air filters with very small pore size to capture all air bourne dust in order to prevent premature engine wear.

These air filters are easily damaged by cleaning especially with high pressure air lines. The Air Filter Blaster is a tool specifically designed to make air filter cleaning both quick, easy and non-damaging to your air filter, by regulating the maximum pressure that the filter can experience.



Download the information on the 'Filter Blaster'

Available from your local Chandlers depot or buy online at

Chandlers are UK stockists of the Filter Blaster ; trade enquiries welcome.

3 inch rotor head and 4-6 inch rotor head.

Supplied in easy to store and transport tool cases

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