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- Stakeholder Engagement

As the board at Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd, we have a legal responsibility under section 172 of the Companies Act 2006 to act in a manner which we consider, in good faith, would be the most likely to promote the companies success for the benefit of its members as a whole, and to have regard to the long-term effect our decisions have on the company and its stakeholders. This statement addresses the ways in which we as a board carryout this responsibility.

Promoting the Companies Success for its Members

Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd is a 3 rd generation family business established in Grantham in 1935. The principle business is the supply and aftersales service of new and used Agricultural Tractors and Farm Equipment to the Farming Industry. The company continues to be controlled and run by the Pell Family. We are proud of the ways in which, over the past 85 years the company has provided the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction, and consider our business a key partner alongside our customers in the food supply chain, an industry recognised by Government as a Key UK industry. We have consistently provided stable employment, training and financial reward for its owners and employees, and act as a valued business partner for its franchise suppliers and customers.

We aim to be the largest and most successful Agricultural Machinery Retail Supply business in the UK, recognised for industry leading service and spare parts supply. We aim to achieve this through long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with our main franchises, along with geographic and market share growth through acquisition, organic growth and strategic partnerships as appropriate. We have established over many years long-term relationships with the majority of our customers, and aim to foster close working and the most efficient practices for all parties at every opportunity, based on strong communication and a close understanding of our customers requirements. We continue to explore all possibilities and new technology requirements in the mechanisation and in the future robotization of farming. In doing so, our twin aims are to maximise the companies ability to grow profits and market share whilst returning the highest possible value to the family shareholders.

Strategic decisions are made based on long-term objectives, in particular this has meant significant investment in capital projects, including investment in the most modern and well equipped premises and facilities, tooling and service training, and IT/Dealer Management Software systems that are bespoke for our industry and fully integrated with our suppliers.

Engaging with Stakeholders

Our Key Stakeholders, and the ways we engage with them are as follows ;

Our employees ;
We invest in the very best team available to us at all times in our industry. We recognise that many of the advantages our customers have in trading with our business, come from the strong work ethic and positive highly motivated attitude of our team. We foster at all opportunities staff retention and achieve this though the training and opportunities for personal career development for all of our team. We invest for the future with a large intake annually in our industry leading apprenticeship scheme for our service technicians. We involve staff from all departments and at all levels in meetings with senior management, and gain from the insight this provides on industry trends and innovation.

Our suppliers;
We form long-term mutually beneficial partnerships with our franchise suppliers, where their business objectives are aligned with ours – providing the focus on together achieving the best market share and financial performance, while at the same time continuing to enhance the experience of the customer in every aspect of their relationship with our business and the manufacturer.

Our customers;
We deal with our customers in a friendly, fair, professional and transparent manner, with a focus on understanding the needs of the farming customer. Establishing efficient working practices, and adopting the latest innovations and technology to best support the needs of their businesses. We aim to provide market leading products that enhance our customers businesses and increase their profitability by providing the most appropriate solution to their needs.

Our planet;
We are an equal opportunity and ethical employer and act in a responsible manner to our environment, adopting environmentally friendly practices where-ever possible. Including the disposal of all waste in an environmentally responsible manner; with waste streams optimised for the maximum level of recycling. We generate a significant percentage of our daily power requirements from solar PV.


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